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Glazier & King is a full service general practice law firm, practicing in Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate Law, Wills, Estates and Trusts, and Business Law.  


Debt Relief Assistance:

Concentrating in personal and corporate bankruptcy, out of court workouts and business financial planning.  Today, there are certain remedies and protections, which are available to individuals and businesses to cure debtor/creditor problems.  We are recognized as a debt relief agency under US bankruptcy law.


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Glazier & King, P.C. Attorneys at Law

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Representing Bankruptcy Clients for over 20 Years

Restore your American Dream with a Fresh Start 

You may find yourself in a difficult financial situation due to job loss, divorce, injury or simply impacted by the global economic crisis.  Safety nets are built into the system to assist you.  Let us help you navigate your way.  

Learn more about debt discharge, the role of the bankruptcy case trustee, court hearings, credit counseling agencies, and how to address tax garnishments, bill collectors, lawsuits and more.